Vicky Zhao Wei and Huang Youlong face marital and financial problems


Money, while necessary in the world, can be very fickle. It’s hard work to build a fortune, but very easy to lose everything.

Actress Vicky Zhao Wei (赵薇) and her husband Huang Youlong (黄有龙) once had a net worth of 7.8 billion Hong Kong dollars (around 4.2 billion RM). However, the couple faced problems in their marriage, and Huang was suspected of going bankrupt at one point.

So what exactly happened to them?

Source: Bar Luju

Huang, 44, was born in a village in Hunan, China. When he was a teenager he moved to Singapore for a living. Huang has touched on many different businesses such as real estate, hotel tourism, internet trading and more. His extensive interests and investments paid him a lot, enough to own a private jet worth over 100 million yuan (about RM64 million).

Although Huang kept a low profile for many years, however, it was noted that he was generous to those around him. For example, he has already spent 4 million euros (around 19 million RM) on his wife. He bought his Chateau Monlot in Bordeaux, France, known for its expensive vineyard. The couple also invested billions of Hong Kong dollars in 2014 and became the second largest shareholder of Alibaba Pictures.

Before meeting his current wife, Huang apparently dated Tracy Ip (叶 翠翠) who was Miss Hong Kong 2005. The two met in 2008 and Huang spent a lot to woo her, even going so far as to buy two mansions from worth 31 million Hong Kong. dollars (around RM16 million). At the time, they kept their relationship a secret, but the extravagant gifts sparked rumors. The couple finally broke up after 3 months, and Huang took over the two mansions. According to Ip, they decided to go their separate ways when they quarreled over having children.

Sources: Sohu, Weibo

Zhao met Huang the same year, and they got married soon after. Although the couple seemed very happy at first, it soon became apparent that they were having problems. Once, netizens noticed that Zhao had deleted photos of Huang from his social media. Things got worse when Huang’s stated wealth plummeted.

In 2019, the couple faced lawsuits from more than 500 investors, accusing the two of involving misrepresentation in securities. Zhao, who was on the list of co-defendants in the lawsuit, was to assume joint and several liability for compensation. In April 2021, it was reported that the equity capital of three Zhao companies had been frozen. Additionally, yesterday (June 29), Huang was charged with defaulting on two loans totaling HK $ 150 million (around RM80 million).

Although Zhao’s common wealth with her husband seems to be crumbling, Zhao herself does not seem worried. She was seen flying to Tibet with Faye Wong’s daughter Leah Dou (窦 靖 ç«¥) on June 28. There is speculation that Zhao is unaffected by her husband’s situation.

Source: Chinese press

While most people dream of being rich, it is obvious that the more you have, the more you have to lose. We hope that Huang can sort out his situation and possibly save his marriage.

Sources: China Press, Sin Chew, Luju Bar


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