Stress made my diabetes worse, affected my legs


TV actress Shagufta Ali talks about financial problems | Photo credit: Instagram


  • Shagufta Ali was last seen in Jennifer Winget’s Bepannah
  • Currently, the actress is going through a financial crisis and is seeking help for the same
  • With the actress unemployed and due to stress, her condition worsened

TV actress Shagufta Ali has been in the entertainment industry for 36 years. Currently, she is going through a difficult period in her life. The actress hasn’t had a job for five years. She is struggling with dwindling finances due to poor health conditions. The constant worry for survival took an impact on his health.

In an exclusive interview with Times Now Digital, the Bepannah the actress spoke about her state of health. She revealed that due to her financial problems, she started to feel stress, which made her diabetes worse.

“I was under so much stress and it took a toll on my health. The stress made my diabetes worse. It affected my legs.. The nerves were affected. Numbness and pain exist. Maybe my immune system got weak after my cancer surgery and chemotherapy. Health problems started to happen to me earlier in life. I couldn’t heal my legs and then had to do my eye treatment. Mom also has osteoarthritis, high blood pressure, spondylitis, dizziness to name a few, “she said.

Shagufta also said she has been battling diabetes for six years. “I had it 6-6.5 years ago, was on meds and I was in control of my diet and everything.aise waqt guzrta gaya waise (As time went by) stress levelI badhke (increased), diabetes became high, ”the actress said.

The actress further revealed that “Containment has occurred and it was an addition Masala for my life. Extra mirchi ka tadka from diya life ne (Added spice to my life). My confinement had started 5 years ago but you lock do usko aur double kar dia (This confinement worsened the situation) “, she noted.

When asked if it was difficult for the actress to talk about her financial problems, she replied that she had to make the decision. “I continued to wait ki ab theek ho jaega. I had sold my car, jewelry. Luckily jewelry jama ki thi, jab acha kamate thei tab thodi bahut bana ke rakh hi leta hai (I had jewelry that I had made when I won). He came to my aid and did not need any financial help from anyone during this time, said the actress.

Although Shagufta also stated that she was do not expect financial help from anyone, because in his 36 years, 32 years old was good. She had taken care of her illness, her accidents, her mother’s health. dad and nani’s health problems. Although she feels, “Ek jaise waqt nai chalta hai ensan ka. Kabhi na kabhi ups and downs aate hai“. (Translation: Time keeps changing and ups and downs are a part of life).

Professionally, she is best known for her roles in Saans, Sasural Simar Ka and Saath Nibhana Saathiya.


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