Stop Overspending on Audio Conferencing: Management


When we talk about “management” for audio conferencing systems, we mean the tools or platforms and services that allow you to monitor, manage, adjust, and get analytics for your systems.

The range of available audio conferencing management platforms and services varies greatly. Some platforms are included with an audio system. Some must be purchased from third-party vendors. In trying to discern whether you’re overspending, you’ll want to look at the actual fixed costs you’re paying, but also, and perhaps more importantly, you need to look at the time, effort, and opportunity costs you might be incurring. using less than optimal management tools.

We’ll get to what we think is the best kind of platform to help you save money, but first here are a few things to look out for that might cause you to overspend on managing audio conferencing. Stay away from systems that

  • Requiring you to go from room to room to manage your audio (yes, some systems still require this)
  • Only provide local APIs to access and manage your devices
  • Require you to purchase third-party remote management or monitoring software
  • Require you to purchase and manage on-premises servers for any of the above
  • Require you to pay each of the audio experts to perform management tasks, including recalibration if the room configuration changes

What type of management platform should you to look for? We suggest an integrated system with the widest possible range of built-in capabilities and features. And we can’t stress enough the importance of being able to access your systems from anywhere.

Nourevathanks to its cloud Console Nureva® platform, can offer the most comprehensive suite of features that can help you save time and management hassle. It starts with the color-coded dashboard that lets you know the health of all your devices and rooms at a glance so you can stay ahead of trouble. The Nureva console also allows you to remotely adjust audio settings such as volume, bass, treble, and noise and echo reduction. Installing firmware updates, individually or in bulk, is done with just a few clicks. Nureva also simplifies asset management by allowing you to name, tag and track your devices however you want. And soon, you’ll be able to get room analytics from the Nureva console, including charts and graphs on device usage and audio performance that will help you identify potential improvements to the way you use your spaces.

Another management-related feature of Nureva that can help reduce costs is “continuous auto-calibration”. It automatically optimizes the sound of a room, regardless of how many times you reconfigure it or the meeting style. Compare this with other systems that may require manual monitoring and calibration by trained technicians.

Nureva Console is also your access point for Nureva Developer Toolkitwhich provides cloud-based APIs that will allow you to integrate Nureva systems with existing workflows and third-party products. It can also help save you time by letting you automate firmware updates and customize how you access device information and settings.

Another way Nureva helps you save money on audio conferencing management? The Nureva console comes free with all systems.

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