Robersonville Hires New City Manager Due to Financial Problems


ROBERSONVILLE, NC (WNCT) – Residents of Robersonville are unhappy with the town’s financial woes. Mayor Tina Brown said she is working to get things back on track with the help of state officials.

“If this council does not act quickly to address the problems in this city, then we will not have a city,” said Johnathan Cohen.

Cohen and others in Robersonville are frustrated with the city’s financial woes.

“Please do all of the citizens of Robersonville a favor and start running this town like a successful business,” Cohen said.

The North Carolina Local Government Commission took over Robersonville’s finances in October. The state auditor found that the city’s finances were in trouble, a deficit of $ 187,000 after years of trouble.

It forced Robersonville to cut services like its recreation programs. Long-time city employee Libby Jenkins announced her retirement with immediate effect last week.

“There had been discussions within the council and with the local government before his announcement,” Brown said.

Frday, the state recommended Ayden city manager Steve Harrell take the same position in Robersonville on an interim basis. Harrell said he was ready to help.

“I think I can come to Robersonville and help a lot. I really enjoy working with elected officials and I would love to have the opportunity to help you get back on track, ”said Harrell.

Tuesday was Harrell’s first day. Brown thinks he is who Robersonville needs.

“We’re very lucky to have someone with their credentials, to find someone in this short period of time who can help us with our budget and get us going, so we’re very excited about that,” said Brown.

The Local Government Commission will continue to monitor the city’s finances. There are three pending audits of the city’s accounts from 2018 to 2020. These reviews are expected to be completed next month.


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