Overdue debt causes drug shortage in Jakarta hospitals – City


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Wed 12 September 2018

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Several regional hospitals in Jakarta are no longer able to purchase drugs because the Health and Social Security Agency (BPJS Kesehatan) often pays their bills late, City Secretary Saefullah said.

Saefullah said the city pays BPJS Kesehatan around 1.5 trillion rupees (US $ 101 million) annually for class III patients. “But when it is the turn of the hospitals to collect the debt of the BPJS, there are problems”, he added, quoted by tempo.co.

The city had set up a bailout fund to help hospitals, which have yet to receive payments from BPJS, he said, adding that the fund was a loan from municipal lender Bank DKI. This means that the city must now bear the cost of interest rates due to the unpaid debts of the BPJS.

Based on a BPJS financial report, despite having an income of 74.25 trillion rupees, the agency still suffered losses of 9.75 trillion rupees.

BPJS Kesehatan spokesman Iqbal Anas Maruf admitted the unpaid debts owed to hospitals, saying they were the result of underfunding.

Premiums from policyholders were not enough to cover hospital bills across the country, he said, adding that BPJS had asked the government for additional funds.

“However, the budget proposal has not yet been approved by the Ministry of Finance.” (stu)


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