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“The rich put cream on their berries; the rich drive shiny black cars.

– from the Broadway musical “Carnival!”

The Pandora Papers, “an exposure of the financial secrets and offshore transactions of dozens of heads of state, officials and politicians,” writes CNN, could not have come at a better time for congressional progressives seeking to convincing enough Democrats to pass the massive $ 3.5 trillion Biden-Pelosi infrastructure bill, which is chock-full of enough pork to infect the nation with financial trichinosis.

The Pandora Papers, released by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists on October 3, are not equivalent to the Pentagon Papers, which revealed how the US government lied to the public about the Vietnam War, but it could serve the purposes policies of the left. .

Newspapers reveal – wait – that the rich have managed to avoid paying taxes by hiding their wealth in foreign countries, like the Cayman Islands. Who knew?

What I love most about this “revelation” is the double standard it reveals once again about wealthy politicians who have criticized tax evaders, while avoiding taxes themselves.

One of the many examples is former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, a critic of tax evaders. Pandora Papers reporters discovered that Blair and his wife, Cherie, who is a lawyer, were avoiding paying taxes on a high-priced London office they bought. Cherie Blair was quoted in the UK Daily Mail as saying the transaction and tax evasion were perfectly legal.


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