MDAs spend too much, according to SGF


The secretary of the government of the federation (SGF), the boss Mustapha sounded the alarm on the increase in recurrent spending by ministries, departments and agencies despite efforts to reduce them.

He revealed this at the 3rd National Summit on Reducing Corruption in the Public Sector, held at the State House Conference Hall in Abuja.

According to him, recurrent spending by federal departments, agencies and parastatals has continued to increase steadily since 2015.

He said spending was mostly spent on travel, maintenance, local and international training, welfare, office stationery / consumables, honoraria and others.

He said: “The government is very concerned that approximately 60% of the federal government’s overhead over three years (2012 to 2014) was spent on travel, maintenance, local and international training, social assistance, office stationery / consumables, fees, etc. the Budget Office indicates that “the actual current expenditure of MDAs is still increasing, ie. from 3.61 trillion naira in 2015 to 5.26 trillion naira in 2018 and 7.91 trillion naira in 2020. ”

He said that the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari has therefore never stopped ensuring that our small resources will no longer be budgeted for and / or used for frivolities, hidden in false projects, unnecessary travel, unnecessary overheads. meaningless investment projects and compensation. of ghost workers.

He noted that the government has also remained focused on reclaiming public resources that have found their way into the private pockets of those who fraudulently orchestrate the budget process for their selfish desires.

“As a government our concerns have always been and always will be reflected on an ongoing basis and we are taking steps to mitigate the negative consequences of the frenzied cost of governance,” he said.

Speaking about some of the steps taken to alleviate the anomalies that the Registry had perpetuated, Mustapha said: “It is increasingly becoming known to the public that our anti-corruption agencies, especially the ICPC, are doing a lot in the area of ​​corruption. prevention and also the recovery of embezzled or stolen public funds, strengthen the capacity of MDAs to resist corrupt practices, promote ethical values ​​through the national ethics and integrity policy of the government.

“Some of the capacity building measures include system review and review of MDA operations; Corruption risk assessment and establishment of anti-corruption monitoring units in all MDAs. The recoveries of public funds in recent years have undoubtedly demonstrated the government’s strong determination to stem financial bleeding and promote initiatives aimed at curbing illicit financial flows, ”he said.

Meanwhile, Nigeria’s Chief Justice (CJN) Judge Tanko Muhammad also revealed that a total of 1,144 suspects were convicted of financial and corruption-related cases across the country between January and November. of this year.

In its goodwill message to the event, the CJN said that in addition to convictions for corruption suspects, confiscations and collections amounting to billions of naira have also been obtained in recent years. , despite the devastation of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Even with the devastating impact of the Covid-19 pandemic over almost all of 2020 and better part of 2021, a total of 746 corruption cases have been resolved. Likewise, the number of confiscated non-cash recoveries includes 51 automobiles, 16 real estate, 11 barges / tugs and 2 schools.

“Between January 2 and November 14, 2021, a total number of 1,144 suspects were convicted of various corruption and financial crimes, while the number of assets confiscated without cash also increased to include: eight planes , seven service stations, 48 ​​real station wagons and 149 vehicles, among others.

“Likewise, various cash confiscations have been carried out in hundreds of millions of naira. We will not rest on our oars until all traces of corruption and undue exercise of influence to gain an undeserved advantage over others are removed from our climate, ”he said.


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