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McLaren chief Andreas Seidl believes Red Bull has overspent on wages and benefits after the energy drink giants were accused of breaching budget cap rules in 2021. The FIA ​​is reviewing the spending of the team for the past year and insisted that any violations will be dealt with the formal process set out in the regulations. Red Bull are one of two teams, alongside Aston Martin, which are believed to have broken the rules. And if they are guilty of the offences, their superstar driver Max Verstappen could be stripped of the F1 world title he won last year.

“We have an obligation to our staff, on the FIA ​​side and on our side, because even for a team like ours, the introduction of the cost cap meant that we had to put in place really serious measures which affected our staff. “, Seidl said ahead of the Singapore Grand Prix this weekend. “We also had to lay off people. We had to ask our people to take pay cuts or pay freezes, which was very serious.

“At the same time there was, particularly from two teams, incredibly aggressive hiring still going on, throwing incredible salaries on the table and delivering incredible benefits to the company where we’re all wondering how this is. possible in this new world of Formula 1 and our people obviously challenge us if we do everything right on our side.

“That’s why we just welcome clarity on that, because in the end we’ll find out that if maybe we missed something on our side or if there were actually violations going on and we’ve a clear explanation why certain teams can do certain things that we were simply unable to offer our people.

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Any budget overrun of less than £4.5million will be considered a ‘minor breach’ under current rules and will result in a financial penalty. But if Red Bull is found to have exceeded that figure, it will be considered a ‘material overrun’ and could result in a points deduction and exclusion from last year’s championship.

And Seidl has asked the FIA ​​to fully investigate the allegations. “Having experienced ourselves, over the last 12 to 18 months, the audit on the side of the FIA, which was carried out very thoroughly and diligently, I am absolutely convinced that the establishment of the figures can be carried out from absolutely correct way. , being found in comparable numbers between the different organizations, “he added. “There, I have no doubt.

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“Now it’s just important that there’s full transparency on what’s actually going on, because it’s clear that if someone spends more money over the cap, that’s an advantage in terms of In the end, the financial regulations are now as important as the sporting regulations or the technical regulations, there is no difference.

“It is very important that from the side of the FIA ​​they ensure that they control them correctly, apply them and put in place appropriate sanctions in the event of infringement, even if it affects the results of the championship of the past. “


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