Lionel Messi: Barcelona’s financial woes explained in damning Twitter thread


Lionel Messi appears to have played his last game for Barcelona.

Although everyone naturally assumed Messi would renew his contract in Catalonia this summer, the Blaugrana announced on Thursday that their greatest player of all time will be leaving.

The news sent shockwaves throughout the football world, with Messi having played every club game of his professional career in Barcelona’s famous red and blue stripes.

Messi leaves Barcelona

But alas, it looks like the Blaugrana had their hand forced by La Liga and financial restrictions pushed them to make a history-changing decision that no one saw coming.

Now it comes down to where the club and the player go forward from here, with rumors already abounding that Messi is in talks to secure a gigantic transfer to Paris Saint-Germain.

However, before we all get carried away by footage of Messi walking out onto the Parc des Princes pitch, let’s remember for a second and reflect on the series of events that led us to the craziest of scenarios.

BREAKING: Lionel Messi LEAVING Barcelona (Football Terrace)

Barcelona’s financial difficulties

While it’s easy to ignore the situation as being due to ‘financial reasons’, the economic spider web at the heart of Barcelona’s woes is far more complicated than Messi being overpriced.

There are a number of factors that have contributed to Barcelona not being able to afford their star player under La Liga regulations and many of them can be traced back over the years.

Now, we don’t pretend to be financial experts here at GIVEMESPORT, but if there is anyone who knows football economics inside out, you can bet it is. Twitter user @SwissRamble.

The revered account has dropped a number of fascinating Twitter threads over the years on the monetary topics and issues at the heart of the world’s biggest clubs and the sport as a whole.

Overwhelming Twitter thread

And Barcelona’s current financial woes were at the heart of a common thread that @SwissRamble produced at the end of July, which they have now revisited following the shocking news from Messi.

Responding to their own thread, they again advertised it as: “The ‘financial and structural hurdles’ behind tonight’s announcement that Lionel Messi will not stay at #FCBarcelona.”

In other words, his analysis has arguably never been as relevant as it is today, shattering the financial woes that have forced Barcelona to a future without Messi that no one saw coming.

We couldn’t do the entire thread justice here, so be sure to check out the full breakdown once you’re done, but keep scrolling for some of the highlights and most important points below:


What a mess.

Worrisome period for Barcelona

While the COVID-19 pandemic and Josep Maria Bartomeu’s wild transfer spending has clearly contributed, it really shows that Barcelona’s problems run much deeper than that.

Moreover, everything indicates that Messi and Barcelona wanted to do everything to get a contract renewal, but the financial difficulties were so difficult to overcome.

And it really shows how mismanaging the club’s finances in the boardroom can have a huge impact on the football pitch, with Barca seeing their most valuable asset slip through their fingers.

It is a blow that will surely never be overcome in the history of the club, but even then, make no mistake, Barcelona are far from emerging from the financial hole they have dug.

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