GETTR laid off IT and cybersecurity teams over financial issues, ex-employees say


Social media startup GETTR laid off more than a dozen staff members late last year, including two key executives and all of its IT and cybersecurity teams, amid growing quickly and what former employees described as funding issues.

The layoffs came even as interest in the company, founded by Jason Miller, spokesman for former President Donald Trump, has exploded. But three people who have been canned say that behind the scenes GETTR is dealing with more than just growing pains, warning that the recent round of layoffs may have compromised the security of the platform.

“In all honesty, in all my years in cybersecurity, I’ve never seen such a poorly managed company, from business operations to IT,” said a former senior GETTR official. Washington Examiner. “It looks like a high school operation.”

At least 13 members of GETTR’s online security and infrastructure teams, including the platform’s chief information officer and its chief information security officer, were terminated on December 28, 2021, less than three months after their first hire, the former executives said. Teams were not replaced, they said, leaving the company vulnerable to online threats. Employees said they were told the company could no longer afford to employ them and was in the midst of restructuring.


GETTR’s human resources manager at the time of the layoffs, Felicia Blasberg, also left the company at the end of December in the context of the reshuffle.

GETTR declined to comment on the layoffs, but Miller said the company he launched last summer as an alternative to Twitter’s free-speech-focused anti-cancellation culture remains healthy.

“As a company policy and out of respect for former and current employees, we do not comment on personnel matters,” Miller said in an emailed statement.

“Our position remains strong, with over 4.5 million users, and this month we will be releasing Vision, our short-form video format that will compete with TikTok and Instagram reels.”

GETTR received a huge boost just days after the layoffs when podcasting giant Joe Rogan joined. Rogan helped bring a million new usersplacing the platform’s mobile app in the top 10 most downloaded social media apps on Apple’s App Store earlier this month.

Before that, for a period last year, GETTR was the most downloaded app on the Android App Store and Google Play.

Rogan thereafter critical GETTR, however, saying it inflated his follower count.


Several of the ousted employees pointed the finger not at Miller but at key investor Guo Wengui. A Chinese exile and vocal critic of the Chinese Communist Party, Guo and his hand-picked chief technology officer, Joe Wang, have frequently clashed with IT and cybersecurity teams over how to improve the platform while maintaining security protocols, several former employees said.

“Jason Miller had no role in the decision, it was all Guo,” said a former senior IT executive at GETTR. Washington Examiner.


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