Get the best deals without spending too much on Black Friday


How the financial experts say you can save money while getting everything on your list this winter.

GREENSBORO, NC — About 140 million Americans plan to do some pre-holiday shopping after Thanksgiving, according to Finder. They say 56% of Southerners will shop during Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, or Cyber ​​Monday, with each person spending around $336.

Ways to save

“I think the biggest mistake a lot of consumers and buyers fall into is not having a plan,” said financial expert Ja’Net Adams of Debt Sucks University. “If you don’t have a plan and you walk into this store, (…) and you end up spending $10 here, $20 there and you end up going over your actual vacation budget.”

Adams has solutions for these compulsive shoppers. She said you can opt for a basket that you can carry around if you tend to put things you don’t need in your basket. If you’re looking for a bigger object like a TV, now’s the time to practice self-control.

“I know we want to be able to shop for other people, but do your best to stick to your list so you can at least try to save some money this holiday season,” Adams said. .

With three different sale days after Thanksgiving, you might see a bigger discount on an item as the weekend goes on, but Adams warns that if it’s something you really want, you shouldn’t. not wait.

“I would go ahead and get it,” Adams said. “I wouldn’t try to wait until it’s 10 or 20% off Cyber ​​Monday and you miss putting it all together because everything sells out.”

Adams says there’s no need to worry if you can’t do all your holiday shopping the weekend after Thanksgiving.

“(There) will still be sales going on before Christmas, especially this year,” Adams said. “The supply chain issues of the last two years have really piled everything (stores) up at once and they’re trying to sort things out as fast as they can. Don’t be surprised if you see sales around Christmas just in case you haven’t made your list.”

You can also save money and support your local economy by buying local.

Jennifer Graf is the owner of Vintage to Vogue Boutique in Greensboro. She said they were offering discounts not only on Small Business Saturday, but also on Black Friday this year.

“You have the opportunity to get something unique that the big box stores can’t offer,” Graf said. “A lot of times people try to see small businesses as expensive, but that’s not the case. You get quality, you get items that will last. By buying local and buying small, the products will last.”

Ship on time

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is working to beef up its staff to meet the increased demand for holiday shipping.

The USPS said it has converted 100,000 full-time workers since the start of 2021. It is also working to hire 20,000 seasonal employees for the holiday season and installed 137 new package sorting machines to expand its capacity to package processing.

To make sure your package gets to its destination on time during the holiday season, stick to these recommended time frames:

  • Send first class mail and smaller first class parcels by December 17
  • Ship priority mail by December 19
  • The deadline for express priority mail is December 23

Stay away from scammers and thieves

As you shop for the gifts on your list, the Better Business Bureau warns you to think twice about shopping through social media ads.

The 2022 BBB Online Scams Report found that online shopping scams via Facebook and Instagram ads were the most common annoyances reported to the BBB Scam Tracker.

These scams can include products to support charities, offering free trials by paying only shipping costs, and counterfeit merchandise. You can fall victim to the engaging ads and face the consequences when the product you ordered does not arrive and the company’s customer service department gives a vague or no response.

The BBB says you can protect yourself by researching the advertised company before buying from them, researching previous complaints, and using common sense.

This is also the time of year when the Porch Pirates resume their attacks. Law enforcement officials recommend that a trusted family member or neighbor pick up your packages if you can’t be home to receive them. You can also have Amazon packages delivered to their secure lockers or ask the delivery driver to drop the package off at your garage.

Key points to remember

Three things to remember as you prepare for the biggest shopping season of the year:

  1. Make a list. Knowing what you’re looking for can help you find deals and prevent you from overspending.
  2. Support local businesses. Many business owners are offering deals, and this could be a way to find a unique holiday gift you won’t find anywhere else.
  3. Don’t forget about shipping times. You want to make sure all your gifts get to their destination on time.


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