Floor of financial problems Commercialization project of CAPS United


the herald

Tadious Manyepo –Sports journalist

THE much talked about marketing of football giants Castle Lager Premiership CAPS United has collapsed in sensational fashion, before even taking off due to the financial constraints the club is currently facing.

Makepekepe revealed two years ago that they had hatched a plan that would see the team transform into a mega-corporation in the “not-too-distant future”.

With Green Machine co-director Nhamo Tutisani leading the chorus ringing so true in the media, Makepekepe seemed so destined for greatness in terms of financial stability.

“We just want to start running the team like a business. Gone are the days when we took financial resources from our own coffers to run the club. We have developed a solid master plan to start transforming the team,” Tutisani said two years ago.

“We would like to be listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange eventually. We know the team has the potential to become a big business if we do our part well.

But two years on, the club continues to face financial difficulties which have seen players and management still quarrel over monetary issues.

The situation at the Green Machine is so bad that even the results are not coming to the playing field.

But club chairman Farai Jere has made it clear that the marketing push has been put on hold due to financial difficulties.

Under the impetus, the team would recruit young players whom it would mold before selling them to foreign leagues, among other initiatives.

But, with the oldest team on their roster, the team cannot easily achieve this goal.

And Jere said that while the Green Machine wants to embark on a massive revolution, everything needs money to run smoothly.

“The plans are there, the plans are still there, but what I want you to understand is that when every plan is put on paper, it must also be backed by a financial plan. So you will find that everything you we are discussing also relates to the issue of financial support,” Jere said.

“We have brilliant ideas that are on the table, they just need financial support to be implemented. So the implementation part also involves the issue of money.

“You put money in to attract money, you can’t say I have a plan and put it on the table and expect it to work without financial backing.

“What that means is that money is attracted to money. We have to put money into this plan correctly.

The Herald understands that Makepekepe is in an arrangement with Mt Pleasant High School in which they are supposed to look after the grounds and use them for training.

But due to the financial difficulties, the club cannot manage this and as such the senior team uses rented grounds for training.

“We have a great place in Mt Pleasant, but that place needs to be revamped, so we can’t run away from that.

“You will find that whatever we talk about, the biggest problem we have is the question of the financial resources that need to be invested in this framework that we have developed, this plan that we have, this document that is there everything must be supported by financial resources,” Jere said.


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