Elan Bearnais to be removed from French LNB due to financial issues / News


Elan Bearnais Pau-Lacq-Orthez will be downgraded to amateur level. The team’s commitment for the 2022-2023 season in the French Pro A championship, as well as at the lower level, Pro B, has been declined for financial reasons, the National Basketball League announced on June 22. .

The club appealed after the decision, however, LNB reviewed it and upheld the club’s withdrawal decision on Monday.

Seized on appeal, the LNB did not believe the evidence provided by Elan Béarnais and maintained its sanctions expressed at first instance. Elan Béarnais now has ten days to appeal to the federal court.

Control of the club was ceded a year ago by the urban community of Pau-Pyrénées, the city of Pau, and the Community of communes of Lacq-Orthez to the American investment fund Counterpointe Sports Group, now the majority shareholder.

Last season, the club ran up an estimated deficit of €2-3m against a planned budget of €7.8m. The first alerts began to arise in early May when the problems of salary delays and the departure of general manager Tom Huston came to light.

Elan Béarnais are a historic French basketball club with nine French league titles and a FIBA ​​Korac Cup in 1984. The team won the Coupe de France that year and were semi-finalists in the French LNB.


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