Amelia school board fires school principal; decision follows financial problems | Central Virginia


It was unclear on Tuesday how much the school system will have to pay McKinley for terminating the contract earlier. He was in the first year of a four-year contract that went into effect in July 2017, according to The Amelia Bulletin Monitor.

The move comes after the school system of about 1,800 students has made headlines in recent months on questions about its finances.

Over the past year, parents have raised concerns about the thousands of spending on McKinley office furniture in addition to meal and event costs for the school system.

Parents began to take a close look at school system bills amid cost-saving measures put in place to help keep money available, including restrictions on the use of refrigerators and other devices in the classroom and the cancellation of a day of lessons before the winter holidays.

County administrator A. Taylor Harvie said in December that for fiscal 2017, the school system had a deficit of about $ 482,000. He said the deficit coincided with the tenure of former school system finance director Bill Midkiff after years of surpluses of several hundred thousand dollars.

Harvie said in December that by the end of August 2017, the school board had cut Midkiff’s jobs as well as the payroll clerk and accounts payable clerk. The county then took over the accounting for the school system.


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