After the crashes: Boeing faces financial problems


Things are not going well for Boeing: the aircraft manufacturer could face serious financial problems due to continuing technical difficulties. And now Boeing CEO Calhoun wants to educate investors.

Boeing, the American aircraft manufacturer Two 737 Max crashes in 2018 and 2019 threaten financial difficulties. Based on current assessments from various aviation experts, Boeing is currently under more scrutiny by regulators. Therefore, Dave Calhoun, CEO of Boeing, would like to brief investors next week on other developments to be expected.

The Boeing 737 Max made headlines with its crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia with a total of 346 fatalities. In March 2019, a global flight ban was imposed on the best-selling US aircraft manufacturer, which was not lifted until the end of 2020.

This year there were other technical issues: with the electronics of the 737 Max Jet, the fuselage of the 787 and another delay in the planning of the new 777X. Experts believe that a significant portion of the problems arose as a result of the MAX crash.

Further testing is warranted.

The US Congress released a damning report in September 2020, which laid serious charges against the company and the Federal Aviation Administration. “The FAA is now trying to get back on track,” analyst Bertrand Filmer said. “They look closely for problems and find them too. “

“Unfortunately for Boeing at this time, further testing is warranted,” said Ken Herbert, aerospace expert at investment firm Canaccord Geneity. Hassan Shahidi, president of the nonprofit Aviation Safety Foundation, also welcomed the stricter controls.


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