140-year-old school faces financial problems


Hyderabad: A 140-year-old school, Mufeed UL Anam Boys High School in the Twin Cities of Hyderabad, which is in dire financial straits, has asked for help from the state government and alumni.

Speaking to ANI, Ramadevi, head of the office of the principal of Mufeed UL Anam Boys High School in Hyderabad, said: “The school was established in 1880 and I have been working here since 1992. Children who have studied in this school became mayors. , doctors and governors. He has a story.

“Right now all of the teachers have retired and we only have two teachers and one employee working in a government funded position. We also have private teachers, ”she said.

She added, “We are running out of funds because students pay no fees. Providing wages has become a burden now. Ex-mayor Tegala Krishna Reddy also studied here.

“During the centenary celebrations, Shankar Dayal Sharma, former president of India, came to the school,” Ramadevi said.

She further asked the former students and the government to come forward for the development of this school.

Abu Zaid, a grade 9 student at Mufeed UL Anam Boys High School, said, “This school has trained many people from different professions, including deputy mayor, industrialist, lawyer, doctors, etc.”

“However, today this school is in dire need of funds. Education is free, but funds are needed for maintenance and teacher appointments. So we ask the elderly and the government of Telangana to kindly help us deal with this situation, ”the student said.


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