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How to access financing to buy furniture for your home

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A house is a place where you feel comfortable. It’s where you want to return to after a hard day at work and the place where you can take it easy. One day you may tire of the way it looks, but who can change house every four years? A good way to give your existing house a fresh look is to change your furniture. BBVA can help you to do this by offering customized solutions to finance the cost of new furniture. This article gives you some information in this regard.

There are several things you should bear in mind when buying new furniture for your house. You must identify the places and items within your house that are old or that you want to replace. Once you have decided which items of furniture you want to get rid of, you have to plan what to replace them with. You have to decide if you want to replace them with something similar but new, or something totally different that changes the way your house looks completely. You must also take into account what materials are used in the furniture. Why is all of this important? Because when you are planning on financing the cost of new furniture for your house, the decisions you make will increase or reduce your expenses.

Many people have to finance the cost of furniture, although differences in price will depend on what your refurbishment needs are, what materials you choose and if installation works are required.

BBVA online personal loans to finance the cost of furniture: characteristics and terms and conditions

BBVA online personal loans to finance the cost of furniture: characteristics and terms and conditions

More and more people apply for loans to finance the cost of furniture. BBVA has a wide range of loans you can choose from to finance the cost of your new furniture. BBVA Online Personal Loans have terms and conditions that are easy to meet and a broad spectrum of characteristics to enable you to finance any type of home improvement project. From improvements throughout the entire house to more simple and modest improvements. The requirements of these types of loans are provided below.

BBVA Online Personal Loans are a type of consumer loan. They have a commitment fee of 2.30% and no analysis fees. If a customer wishes to fully or partially repay a loan early, the fees charged will be very low. If there are less than 12 months left to repay the loan, the early repayment fee will be 0.50%. If the loan has more than one year left to run, the fee will be 1%.

BBVA offers a loan with a fixed nominal interest rate of 6.95% (7.73% APR) and the option to obtain financing from €3,000 to €75,000. If, when you apply for a loan you think you won’t be able to repay it in the time indicated, BBVA will allow you to repay it over ten years.

The personal loan calculator includes a button solely for furniture. Click on it to find out what your monthly repayment would be, even if you’re not a BBVA customer. To do the calculation, you only need to specify how many people are taking out the loan, the amount of money you need and your monthly income and expenses.

Are you still not sure how much a BBVA will cost you?

Are you still not sure how much a BBVA will cost you?

Both the calculator and the loan comparison tool are available on the BBVA website. Whether you need a personal loan to buy a car or pay for your studies will help you to discover the best way to obtain the money you need. It doesn’t matter if you’re already a BBVA customer or not, you can still find out the financing conditions, interest rate and repayment terms of the financing option that best suits you. Try the tools with whatever combinations you want to discover the benefits of financing your projects with BBVA.